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The 127mm lens is relatively quite small.

I would tend to make my decision based on which of the wider lenses I had - pair a 90mm with a 50mm or a 127mm with a 65mm.

In my case, I now have neither. My "small" kit is a 65mm and a 140mm macro lens.

My "large" kit adds one or both of the 50mm and the 180mm.
For my RZ i have 50mm and 180mm and later will add that 110mm, but for my RB i think i want a standard lens that is not so wide and not so long, 90 and 127 both are medium focal lengths from what i read and see, so that i am thinking about one of them, maybe i tend for slightly wider which is 90mm, but i said if that i may add 127mm later if 90mm didn't suit me, with my RZ i shoot with 50mm outdoor like 90% over 180mm, not sure if 110mm will have more use over 50mm, but if i will get 90mm for RB then i am forced to use this lens only anyway.