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I only read KR's site for it's entertainment value. I don't take any of it seriously. You'll come across something like "Sharpness doesn't matter. Pros don't care about sharpness, especially in the corners." And in another one of his articles you'll see something like "I love this lens. It's sharp sharp sharp, even in the corners."
He does have some good stuff on there. Like pack light - you get more pictures when you're not fumbling with equipment. My main lens is a 28-200mm f/4 zoom, though I do have a manual focus 50mm f/2 lens as well. With my Pentax PZ-20 I can have all of the automation, or none of it except the motor drive. I have 5 program modes, aperture priority, shutter priority, and fully manual for exposure (with the 50mm lens I have I lose all exposure modes except aperture priority and manual). I can even turn AF off if I so desire. In some situations, I do exactly that - turn all of the automation off (I do use the built-in meter though, even in manual mode).

Another thing - it's not all about the gear. KR knows this.