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Does 'short term' storage of film (about 3-6 months) in the fridge, require film to come to room temperature before loading? (all formats, 35mm, 120, 4x5).

If it does require the film to come to room temperature, does anyone have any suggestions for storage solutions in hot humid climate that allows for immediate use? Usual temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. Humidity well over 80%.

Would an Ice Box work? Although I'm not sure if that'll solve the temperature problem.
I keep pretty much everything in the freezer, 135, 120, and 4x5 (just not the FP3000).
If I plan in advance, I'll take the film freezer to fridge the day before. If I haven't planned in advance and need something *right now*, 120 loads fine after 5 mins of rolling between my hands to warm it up, the quickest I've shot 135 is an hour in my pocket out of the freezer.