I'd like to share a couple of incidents that happened to me last weekend during a very quick trip down the Icefields Parkway between Jasper and Banff National Parks, essentially to gauge whether my response to either was a,ppropriate, reasonable given the circumstances, or out of proportion to the matters at hand:

Incident 1: While shooting at Athabasca Falls, Jasper National Park (from a vantage point seldom, if ever, used by tourist types), I had an individual repeatedly walk up/climb up to where I was shooting and attempt to check out my composition on what he thought was my LCD. Given that I was shooting with my F6, this proved to be something of a challenge. The said individual was brazen enough after several attempts to ask outright (While I was working on my shots!) to ask if I didn't find it difficult to work without an LCD screen. I responded - in a rather curt manner - that the camera I was using (the aforementioned F6) was "a film camera, you f*****g cretin," and that I was "technically competent enough with my equipment and skilled enough as a photographer that I did not an LCD at any rate!" Later I found myself vacillating between a tinge of regret for my incivility and continued anger at the intrusion when I was working. Did I go overboard?

Incident 2: The following morning, having travelled the length of the Parkway the previous afternoon, I shot the sunrise at Lake Louise. Not really sure how I was going to "lens the picture," and whether I wanted the image horizontal or square (as I disclosed in a post here some time back, I am a full frame shooter - I don't crop), I brought along two 35mm bodies (E100G in the F6 and E100VS in the F5) and a Blad with Velvia. My bag full o'stuff attracted the attentions of several parties: my cameras, the position I was shooting from (one individual stood directly behind me in an effort to see exactly how I was framing my shot), another was particularly interested in the exact placement of my tripod (easily discerned by the marks left in the frost). I spent perhaps 20-25 minutes shooting the sunrise and the early morning colours before packing up my gear and begin looking for other opportunities. I no sooner began walking away when two of the onlookers moved toward where I had been positioned. Acting quickly, I scuffed the marks with my hiking boots, remarking, quite audibly that "just for s***s and giggles, try to be original." Again, I had that nagging feeling that I had over-reacted, tinged with the anger that some folks couldn't be original if they tried. Thoughts? Comments? Anybody here have similar occasions when out shooting? Are these just the latest manifestations of some latent misanthropic tendencies I have?