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Ken, neither Ralph, nor I made it down there. I'm suspecting that you did the same.

Anyway, typing this while on generator power - Duvall proper has power, but not the Lake Marcel/Stillwater Hill part of Duvall. Lost it around 4:30 pm.

Nope, I didn't make it either. Heavy rain and strong winds. Wasn't going to trash the beautiful old equipment.

We haven't lost power. At least not yet. But part two of this storm is tomorrow, so we'll see.

This is awfully damned early for me to be worrying about trees being blown over and crashing through the roof. All of the trees still have their leaves though, so the danger is there. And when the ground again gets permanently soaked in a few more weeks the 120-foot firs and hemlocks are always a season-long threat.

I may try some fall colors this year out along the Snoqualmie Valley trail using b&w 8x10, weather permitting. Maybe we can try again...