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I'm afraid I think you over-reacted.

IMHO, every "found" shot in public places is fair game.

And unless the interaction between the other people and you prevented you from doing what you were trying to do, it wasn't worth getting excited about it.

Although I'll allow you a certain level of grumpiness when shooting at sunrise (I'm definitely not a morning person).

If the others unreasonably got in the way or were disruptively noisy or rude, or were trying to copy something that you have set up (like a studio shot) I would agree with your response.
No argument here, Matt, regarding accessibility and freedom of movement in the public domain. What upsets me, though, Sir, is where of all the places to shoot from, I seem to have this unique ability to attract folks to the spots where I happen to be standing (my recent experiences are by no means unusual for me; perhaps I look like someone who knows what he is doing with a camera? LOL!!).

What annoys me more, though, is that a lot of folks don't seem to clue in to the idea that I am working, and I do not wish to be disturbed when doing so (apparently a lot of folks don't have the ability to read social cueing?).