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d) far fewer dust problems with 120
e) much easier and less time consuming to load film, film can be loaded anywhere without a changing bag or the dust problems that go with loading holders in one
f) film selection - want to shoot Portra 800 or Delta 3200 or Pan F+ or many other films not available in sheets in your view camera? You can do it with a rf back.

Also, I only use 6x12 roll film backs and just *love* the format for landscapes, makes for a really fun way to look at scenes in using it along with the aspect ratio of 4x5. When I am out working on a project at the local ski areas, I have to go light and using 6 cut film holders plus a 6x12 roll film back keeps me in the game by being able to reload without a loading tent. If some extraordinary light hits a scene and I am close to if not out of 4x5 film...I can and will most certainly find a way to get a nice shot with 6x12.