Hi Gang

as much as I don't want to I've decided to sell my all black Mamiya f4.5/55mm wide angle lens from my Mamiya C220 as I just don't use it enough (I have too many cameras!!).

It is a late lens (I gather that from the fact that the shutter cocking lever has a blue dot on it). It was serviced a couple of months ago, and is working perfectly. The lenses (both taking and viewing lenses) are in great condition - no scratches, haze or fungus. As I said the shutter was serviced, and all speeds are working well. It comes with it's original plastic Mamiya front cap, but as I don't have a rear cap I'll include a old Mamiya chrome front lens cap from an old f2.8/80mm TLR lens I've been using to cover the rear elements. Overall I would rate it a conservative 8/10.


I've seen these lenses sell for widely varying prices. I had a look at KEH, and they want $225 for a BGN grade one.

This is in much better than Bargain grade (EX + at a minimum).

I would like $250 which includes postage anywhere in Australia, or $270US including postage via registered airmail anywhere in the world.

I also have a spare early Nikon made Porroflex spare - I'd like $25US + actual shipping cost for it (or free shipping if it goes to the same buyer as the lens above).


The glass/mirrors are in very good condition, but it does have a few marks to the painted surfaces (as you can see from the pictures. And NO - there are no dents in it - the mark you can see near the viewfinder is a reflection)

Paymnet via Paypal as a gift, and a donation to APUG once sold.

I've sold a few things here over the years, and several hundred on ebay under the seller name "ustwo".

Any questions/comments feel free to ask.