While I'll second Ken's input, I also would like to say that when you get to a certain age, 1 year is equal to 5 actual years. And the shutter you "just sent off for CLA not long ago" was actually 5 years. And then you realize it's probably out-of-whack again. It's for the best to cut up an old computer mouse for a photodiode and use the computer you are reading this thread with, and hook up your little home made tester. With a couple search-engine searches, you can get it all working, and know where you REALLY stand.
Sure would make darkroom test strip labors a whole lot easier. So if you're too poor to send the shutter off, you are not too poor to scrounge up an old computer mouse, a piece of cardboard, and a little wire, and find out for sure. There's really no excuse for NOT doing it.