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What annoys me more, though, is that a lot of folks don't seem to clue in to the idea that I am working, and I do not wish to be disturbed when doing so (apparently a lot of folks don't have the ability to read social cueing?).
how are they supposed to know that you are working? what "social cues" are you offering? that you have two cameras? that they're "pro" cameras? that you have a tripod? that you have a "professional look" ? that you swear violently, aggressively and abusively at total strangers?

it may be that you are the one who can't read social cues.

as for kicking over your tripod marks, let alone the further aggression towards a stranger ... I was going to words fail me, but in fact it strikes me as the behaviour of a spoilt toddler.

however, you've taken the opportunity to describe publicly some really unacceptable behaviour, and ask for feedback. Some has been blunt like mine and some has been less direct, but it does seem most people agree you were out of line. it's probably impossible to find a way to apologise to the people towards whom you were so aggressively unpleasant, but lets hope the feedback you've got makes sure you don't find yoursself worrying about your behaviour again.