+1 on the really out-of-line response. I've had to deal with all kinds of annoyance when out shooting, especially when hauling large format gear around. I've never had the need to be vulgar and rude. If someone's being a pest and asking too many questions and disrupting what I'm doing, I'll just turn back to what I'm doing and stop engaging them. If I had been as rude as you yesterday at the antique car show when someone asked me if my camera was a film camera, I'd have missed a very interesting conversation with a fellow photography buff and car enthusiast. Yes, when I get the question about "is that a film camera?" or something related, my hackles go up and I get ready for some more stupid questions, but 99% of the time the questions are of genuine interest and curiosity, and are over-and-done-with very quickly. Also, why did you feel the need to be so rude about the folks looking for your tripod holes? Even if they tried to copy your composition, the light has changed, and it's no longer the light you were interested in. The only time I'd find it necessary to get that kind of rude would be if they started getting IN my composition AND wouldn't get out of the way when asked.