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Well I ran through a roll of Portra 400.

Very nice. The lack of grain when scanned is particularly impressive. Or, should I say, the lack of *intrusive* grain – I have no problem with grain in itself.

From a colour point of view, it's hard to say. Subjectively, looking at some Kodak 200 shots I have, the Portra seems to have a bit more depth and smoothness to it. I've no intention of of doing any 'scientific' testing mind you.

Interestingly, when I did a couple of black and white converstions, the Portra gave some fantastic tones.
Would you mind sharing some images? Always nice to see what others are doing.

Besides scanning, you could also actually print some negatives. Scanning negatives may give quite a different result - not always better or worse, just different. I'd rather evaluate a negative by prints than by scanned images.

I use Silverfast scanning software. The "colour point of view" can greatly be influenced by the selected film type in the software. Sometimes a "wrong" film type setting may give nice results.
BTW: monitor & printer callibration is also a factor.