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I find that a few minutes out of my busy schedule of shooting really does not make ANY difference. Not that you would have to explain the whole process of developing and printing the film of the shot to them but a bit of courtesy goes a long way in the world. Yes you over reacted for a simple explanation. I do not know you personally but from reading your posts you seem like a nice gentleman so the swearing sounds like you were just having a bad day. As for the sunrise @ Lake Louise it has been done by many many people in the past so what you were doing was just an interest not a competition issue. BTW The best shots I have found were the sunsets looking out across the lake. Hope you had good light the whole trip.
I think, in retrospect "DWC," two separate "precursors" if you will, set me off (I am, by nature, tolerant and engaging, and, in the words of my eldest nephew " pedantically passionate" about sharing the joys of film photography). Firstly, this trip - 2500+km in two days - was a bit much to be restful (and yes I was jacked on coffee ((Two pots of Starbucks Guatemalan for breakfast and several Monsters as chasers))); and secondly, the "intrusions" if you will are just the latest in a long line I have dealt with this year (to wit: Polar bear Dip in Victoria (two women constantly following me around and shooting either beside me or over my shoulder; Victoria Highland Games in May (people following me and shooting beside me wherever I wandered; Calgary Stampede in July (setting up a "portrait studio" on the side of the stage, I had a woman wait until I had everything set up (about 12 different performers) and then shoot over my shoulder...and then smirking when I cut her with a look that would kill; and, most recently at the Jasper Rodeo in July, where suddenly the vantage point I had chosen - away from the other photogs there - seemed to collect a large contingent of the digital p&s (flash always on) crowd as the event unfolded.

BTW: This additional info was not intended as an apologia of sorts, but rather to make clear to some of the responses posted thus far that I am NOT by nature "a dick" "Boorish, etc." What transpired was a long time coming, and yes I do regret being uncivil....