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I'm sorry , it was my fault.... i don't speak very well english and writing( in english ....) it is a bit tedious!!!
You were perfectly clear, so not at all your fault.

And this below is beautiful in any language. Poetry transcends...

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Digital's art has done an enormous evolution in the last few years: Salgado use digital medium format but his works are on classic silver papers.
Or for example i can shoot Film , on large or medium format or 35mm , than scan and printing a digital negative for contact printing. ( this is important for the classic alternavive photography ... Vandyke , Ciano, CArbon ......... tri color carbon ...)

For me is a bit different : there are other reasons ! I have few money... i'm young and i love nature landscapes and architecture (i'm an architect ...)
In Italy is not like in usa , LARGE FORMAT is very rare .... my dream was a 8x10 or a 5x7 ... but cost too much for my pockets!

With LF (even in 4x5) you can focus with other tricks than lens aperture ... you can distort or correct the "prospettiva" , you can change the image plan... it's another thing!

....... only for this i use film ! and the problem is even in the format ! the deep of field of a 150(or 180) , the normal for 4x5,is not the deep of field of the 300 in 8x10 or the 50 in 35mm....

And i believe that there is another reason : a philosophical one!
I don't know ... it's difficult even in italian (big problem )
At the moment i'm not a photographer , not a real artist .... not a famous one: nobody known what i am .... and this is perfect for me ! i have my project for some book in the future( one day ....) . My work is ten hours in front of the pc with stupid useful 3d program !

But i love to SLOW my life ( if mean something in english ... ) No phone , only for emergency, no time, no one ... silence ... only the river of my dreams, and the knocking of my heart! there isn't the fantastic shoot? the perfect one ?......it's not a problem i study , i play , i dream the perfect condition ... and i return !........ LF is waiting not shooting ... ! hours of waiting ...

Post scriptum: it's a bit embarrassing ... i have learnt these things from you!