hi mark

while i think that often times content matters, the way you got there matters too.
photography is a very personal thing. subject matter is personal, photographers somehow
get interested in certain aspects of life or "stuff" and document it. then ... they create
a physical object to almost memorialize the thing they saw or did ...

most people see a photograph of something, shrug their shoulders and say " nice photograph"
or they say " i don't get it " or they don't say a thing .. it doesn't matter to them the
effort it took to make the physical object, or the connection the photographer had to the subject.

to some .. momus' photograph of the out of focus, vignetted cornered photograph of the back of peoples'
heads on their lunch / or cigarette break might be just that, a bad-photograph, to the person taking it
it might offer a glimpse into something else, maybe a dream s/he had, maybe it was the way the hair vanished
no one will ever know unless the person is asked " what is this about " .. not "what is this"

i have to admit, most of the time when someone sees
some strange thing i have done, they just ask " what is it" ...
it is the what is this about that means something ...
a photographic image is about something different than what is in the "picture" ...

not sure if this makes sense or not