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Thomas, have you had luck getting the eye controlled focus function to work? I've tried many many times in many different conditions of light and never been able to have it recognize my eye movement with or without my glasses on.
I have not tried, and doubt I will. That metering system eats batteries like crazy. What I like about it is the spot metering in the viewfinder, point it at the area of interest, meter, shoot. That's how I plan on using it. The bright red indication of being in focus is exactly what my eyes are in need of.

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Also, yes, it is very easy to make images with that camera. Gets out of the way very well, once familiar with it's workings.
I find this to be a little bit disconcerting almost, that it is so easy to take the pictures. Every time I release the shutter I wonder what I missed, and whether I will ever learn to notice it. As it feels today, I much rather use the Pentax, but I know that in low light situations I'll be wanting the Canon again. It's a compromise to me.