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So I had a perfectly good Nikon F with a plain prism as well as an F2A and F3 but wanted F2 plain prism too so I kept an eye out for that. Was checking out my local CL and spotted yet another F also with a plain prism and thought maybe I could use it to trade for a plain prism F2 since it was offered at a great price - one of those investment options. Just as I got it, a plain prism for the F2 also came up! Now I am not so sure I want to get rid of the second plain prism F since I am not one of those catch and release types.

Besides being good picture takers, it also provides compositional symmetry . . .
Nice rack. Maybe turn one of the F's into a motor driven F... I hear that one of your local camera shops just received a black F with F-36 motor drive within the past week or so. ;-) May not be on their site just yet.

Anyway, suspect that KEH has a cheap F2 that you can put your DP-11 onto. Might be a good idea to contact Dan O. over there and see what he can come up with.