Stone you crack me up. We are almost opposites... I'm usually up before the sun rises, and already tired from working all morning by noon!

Well I've had a setback. I had 4 different noon shots that I was really looking forward to seeing, and I developed my film this morning. They were all shot with a 55mm micro AIS and half way through the roll I noticed the DOF preview was slow to respond. They are all totally blown out. I've had a feeling about this lens for a while but now the blades must be really sticking badly. 5 of the shots were 1/2s exposures with a blue filter at F/22, and the overexposure is so extreme that it bleeds over to other frames... I wonder how open it was for 1/2 second in full sun noon! There are also 5 perfectly exposed frames on the roll from using a different lens, but those were not for high noon MSA. There is only one MSA shot that looks like it might be printable, maybe, with difficulty ( only about 2 or 3 stops overexposed )

I might try again with another lens if I can find time for it. I like the idea I was aiming for.