hi mark

i understand what you are saying, that often times the way we get better at what we do
is by letting people see it and give their opinions of it, so we can digest and get better ...

i guess what i was trying to suggest ( not very well ) was that sometimes
things are not what they seem. and while people ( family ? general public? colleagues? flickatzi? )
may like imagery may be for different reasons why the photographer made them.
some may like the vivid colours, the cropping the fauvist tendencies a series of images present
while the photographs may not have anything to do with the colors at all but a deeper meaning ..

i couldn't agree with you more though, having photographs displayed in a public ( or private ) space
is a privilege and hearing people's opinions good or bad is probably the best thing that can happen to anyone ...
that is unless they don't want that ...

i often wonder what vivian maier was like. she had a wonderful eye but there may have been a reason she never presented
her photographs to be seen. maybe her work was too personal and what people are seeing as "street photography"
was actually something completely different to her.