It'll be a couple days till I have photos to show for it....

I went to the grand-am races at Limerock CT this weekend. It's kind of a high end motorsports event. Like show up and park your car past the Lotus, around the corner from the Mercedes, and between the Maserati and Porsche, and that's just the parking lot.

Wore the orange vest and lugged the requisite DSLR with BFL like most every other photographer with a purpose. Also had on my rolleiflex automat tessar.

Talked to MANY people who either used to have one or were pleased to see someone shooting film. Along with 16GB of digital photos, I shot 5 rolls of 120.

Some of the more interesting conversations...

The Continental Tire booth babes were very interested in the rolleiflex when I posed with them. Proves prior discussions on the topic on social aspects of TLRs.

Was in the bathroom at the row of urinals (ladies; guys aren't supposed to check each other out in these situations). Another photographer looked my way and said, "Oh My! Impressive!" Then after an awkward moment said I was brave to be shooting some film.