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Ian,do you take the shutter apart or is there a secret hole to put the drops in and make it easy for morons like me?
Depends. if the shutter's just slightly sticky I remove the lens cells and use no more than a capfull of alcohol, I run it in on the edge of the shutter blades, then work the shutter at a faster speed to free up the lubrication, then I use a hair drier to gently dry the shutter, making sure the shutter blades and aperture diaphragm are free of any oil/grease.

If very bad I'll open for a proper clean, and then re-lube the relevant areas.

In the worst case scenarios I've twice had to use WD40 to help remove corrosion including rust on the shutter blades, definitely not recommended normally, but both shutters were completely non functional and a commercial CLA would have been far more that their worth. They were partly dis-assembled thoroughly cleaned to remove every trace of the WD40, then re-assembled lubricated and tested.

Should add though that these weren't Compur's, one was a Velosto (Optimo) and the other a Vario. I've also had to use quite aggressive cleaning on Luc type front mounting shutters but these are easy to completely dis-assemble.