Sure, when I get a minute, I'll upload some. This Portra roll was more of a test, so not sure there will be anything wonderful to look at, mind you.

I don't have a flatbed scanner anymore, so can't really show you what the prints would look like. All I'll be able to show is how a Plustek 8100 scanner works with the negs. I scan with VueScan (Silverfast makes me swear) and all options turned off – I prefer to do my post-prodcution in Photoshop. I've worked in design graphics for nearly twenty years, so I know well enough that this is going to give limited information for comparative purposes. It's funny how, before digital, I never used to accept anything that wasn't scanned on a 100K drum scanner. Nowadays digital leapfrogs the whole process. But that's not the reason I shoot film, of course.