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The three Graflex shutters I measured over weekend (above posts) are quite accurate.

This morning I measure a new-in-box Prontor SVS , box says 1957, the shutter is obviously never used.

{ speed, ideal, measured millisecond}
{1/1, 1000, 1600+}, {1/2, 500, 700}, {1/5, 200, 220}, {1/10, 100, 250},
{1/25, 40, 76}, {1/50, 20, 30~50}, {1/100, 10, 12~15}, {1/300, 3, 5~7}

This shutter is slow, and erratic on the 1/50th, note how the 1/10 speed is slower than 1/5
What should be done with it?
I might try - warm it up to 45 C for a few hours, fire it 100 times, then re-measure it ??
Anything other than a proper clean, lube adjust is a stopgap at best. For instance, I have a Yashica screwmount SLR that sat for about 20 years. I did what you suggest with it, and guess what? It sounded - and worked - like new, for a while. The heat and activity moved some lube around. Now the camera still functions at the lower shutter speeds, 500 and 1000 are capping again. Warm it up, or take it out on a warm day, and it's OK.