I recollect receiving an acknowledgement and there is a bit more recent posting on their Facebook page. But I guess there is nothing really to report at this stage, as the first films aren't expected to surface until the first quarter of next year. I hope it happens but I shall believe it when I see it - it all sounds a bit too good to be true. But I guess I've been put off by a certain amount of disappointment with Adox. The promised 110 film never emerged and it took the Lomograph people and, it appears, a factory in China, to pick up the ball and actually produce a clutch of 110 films. And followed by someone else with a strange name who now seem to have semi-disappeared. And that's not to forget the promised Adox 400 ISO film but I accept that competition and the closure of Efke forced a change of priorities. I also acknowledge that they have now introduced the new 100 ISO B & W film in sheet film (so far), which I'm sure is very welcome to those who use it.

It might be too that the person behind Ferrania has bigger financial resources than Adox. But it does put in perspective the activities of Lomography, and dare one say it, Lupus Imaging. Despite the many criticisms on this forum of their activities, both these outfits have actually been responsible for bringing onto the market some new emulsions, albeit they don't actually do the manufacturing themselves, but there's nothing wrong with that imho.