I'm not going to go into a detailed debate with the Flat Earth Society about this, but I was doing research papers on this kind of thing way back in the 1960's, and lo and behold, the oil companies themselves were doing most of the funding for the hard data way back then, and still do, concerning what they themselves consider the inevitable. They were already planning how to engineer for arctic thaw as a FACT, because they had the most to gain or lose from it monetarily, despite the payoffs they make to politicians in the lower forty-eight to deny it, simply because they don't want to clean up the refineries here. Better do some actual homework into real science instead of the Faux News Network before you tangle with a subject like this. Glaciers are shrinking all over the world at an accelerated rate, with just a few exceptions. Maybe 2/3 of them that I've set foot on in my lifetime are now gone.