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What material and process did you use? I'd really like to try that.
I used standard Kodak paper chemicals, but did not wash them between the developer or fixer. And only did a very short final wash. Kind of limited on what I can pull off in Afghanistan...

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These are great! Both the final photographs and the portraits themselves. Look forward to seeing more of these.
Thanks! Half of them don't scan due to the metallic reflection, and these are very bad scans. In person they have so much more detail. I tried to just let the Marines do what they wanted. No posing. If the wanted to ham it up I figured why not? We almost never get to.

I have some 4x5's shot on Potra 160, and some B&W photos. I also have some 4x5's I shot with a speed graphic and flashbulbs while flying over Afghanistan. We'll see how they turned out when I get a chance to develop them...