Oh man, I'm practically pulling my hair out trying to produce a Kallitype with nice clean whites.

Here's my process:
Mixing 10 drops of each FO & SN into a solution and brushing on Cott paper - taking about 10 seconds of brushing with a Richeson 'Magic Brush'.
Leaving the paper to dry flat for 5 minutes and then 30 minutes hanging to dry.
Exposing in a Nuarc 26-1K
Developing in Sodium Citrate with potassium dichromate 2ml/litre.- citric acid added to bring up acidity - 8 minutes
Cleared in Citric Acid Baths - X2 total of 8 minutes
Toned in Gold Thiourea - 4 minutes
Fixed in Sodium Thio. - 2 minutes.
washed - 30 minutes.

The FO solution was made less than a week ago, from FO from B&S. It was made without hot water (magnetic stirrers are awesome!) and has been stored in the fridge.
The prints are not 'almost completely clearing of stain" coming out of the developer (as Sandy K. says they should). When dry, the test prints have a slight yellow in the highlights.

I have also tried Ammonium Citrate/Sodium Acetate developer which is recommended in Christopher James' book for solving the problem of buff coloured highlights.

Possible culprits:
- The developer appears to be around PH5, slightly more acidic than it should be (PH6). How would I make it more alkaline?
- The FO solution has a PH of 1.5? This seem extra-specially acid? This may because my distilled water is about PH 4.5!
- The SN solution is fairly old (2007) but I don't think that would cause staining? My Silver Nitrate crystals were given to me by a friends and are most likely fairly old.
- I have the Nuarc surrounded by black-out material, so it does get hot in there. Could heat be a problem?
- Perhaps I need to try another brand of distilled water?

Thanks for your help. I hope to solve this problem before I pull out all of my hair!