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After developing a negative Ilford HP5+ I got a white stripe on one side of the negative. The strip is irregular in shape and it's about 0.5-0.8cm width.
Today I double checked tank, reels to be sure that all is clean. Also mixed fresh chemistry and processed another 120 roll of HP5+.... got the same stripe. It has happen to me 4 or 5 time during last 5 years...I have no idea what can cause the problem.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks you

PS. image attached (fragment of negative, half of the frame)
I could be completely wrong but I went down a different road after reading the replies. Since you're apparently being quite careful with the processing, and there IS image beneath the stripe(s) that appears to be close to the density of the rest of the image, I'm wondering whether it's running the length of the roll in the same place, consistently or inconsistently.

If it is, I'm also wondering if you have a light leak in a body back or magazine light trap. Are you loading the film into the camera in subdued or bright light? I'm thinking it looks a lot like light leak fogging.

In my experience, unfixed strips refixed usually obliterate the image beneath them leaving a clear uneven line of no image. Same with uneven or incorrect levels of developer. Just for the hell of it, I'd check for leaks in your camera and film mag if you're using one. That might turn up some problem causing this too.