Just sharing a few print I made today. All 20x24 FB Ilford Glossy, selenium toned 1:20

I printed 16 today. After a 2 hour wash I stacked them all on the Ilford 20x24 box with the blastic bag on top of it so I could transfer them for drying and the pile fell on the contaminated floor (fixer and all sorts of dried chemicals). I couldn't wash again for a whole hour so I rinsed the upper and lower prints as well as all the edges and now they are drying. As I recall, the prints didn't touch the floor but slid with the bag. I rinsed the bag.

If the prints ever got contaminated, it will be on the edges a little bit. I guess I can always shave the prints if some yellowing occurs, over time.

I worked for more then 12 hours on these prints. Feeling a bit mad at the moment