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Really? All the Australians I've met have been laid back genuine nice people. And that's more than a few. Right now I'm actually considering taking a position and moving to Tasmania.
We used to criticise the "ugly American" tourists but we have some pretty ugly cases of our own I'm afraid to say. Our exchange rate has been overvalued for many years allowing lots more Aussies to travel (further than Bali). A friend just got back from Spain saying all he seemed to meet were other cashed-up Aussies drinking too much and talking too loudly!

Tasmania could do with a bit more class, so come on down Martin!

And yes, my response was ironic or perhaps sardonic. I have unloaded with some foul language against officious security guards on a few occasions much to my later regret. Regardless of the job or the power of the uniform, I should have been more polite. By making his post I think Bradley probably agrees.