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Concluding, the one remark here that really did piss me off was the one about the fact that I don't crop. You, Sir, are confusing a statement of personal preference/practice with what you seem to choose to interpret as dogma. I don't crop my 35mm work because I absolutely love the dynamism of the 24x36 format; I always have.
Sorry mate, that was me. My tongue-in-cheek response was intended to point out that we all think (and occasionally say) offensive things and have our own intolerances and snobbishness about other people and practices. I really don't think the non-croppers and rebate revealers are offensive and there are plenty of other posts on APUG where this has been batted back and forth. I won't repeat my views here other than to say I don't understand why "the picture" must always be forced into an arbitrary aspect ratio?
By all means we should take our photography seriously(even very seriously) but not ourselves too seriously!