The cp-51 takes 5.6 litres per bath. So, if you're running kodak ra-rt and the WD module instead of the SD module figure around $50 just to get it running with chemistry. Not being familiar with the speedmaster 32 I'm nonetheless going to guess it takes twice as much chem.

Another consideration is paper. The new LED and laser light optimized papers suck compared to the papers they've replaced. Fuji CA ii is nothing more than minilab paper with no black to speak of and horrible cross-over to boot. The roll papers like kodak premiere and fuji ca pd have excessively high contrast, overly saturated color and serious green/magenta crossover. Unless you want to embark on the fool's errand of color masking for Ra-4 you should consider proofing on the cp-31 and doing larger, exhibition quality prints on a lightjet printer that these papers were designed for.

I have a cp-51 that you can purchase as soon as I finish my expired stock of Kodak Supra Endura.