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Also, 32" wide implies pretty big paper, there's no cut-sheet that was ever made in that size I think, at least not from Kodak. (Maybe there was but it was probably rare). I have some 24x30 cut sheet endura but haven't seen it larger than that. SO, that implies roll paper, which is it's own hassle.

I can see wanting to do optical enlargements though, as they are going to be inherently better than scan-and-lightjet methods I think, for the most part. (all else being equal which it never is... ;-)

frotog, where are you at and how much do you want for your cp-51? ;-)
Hi, Ed,

I have a clean, late model machine with a w/d module. Rollers, both pincher rollers and transport rollers, have been well maintained (racks are removed from bath, rinsed and hung to dry in between sessions). I'm aiming for $750 which is a deal for someone looking for one of these (especially for a machine that's been looked after). I have an extra wash module that I'd be willing to part with as well. I'm about two hours north of nyc.

You're absolutely right about having to cut your own sheets. This is a major hassle, especially with thin c-print material. But it's not just large sizes. Maybe you haven't heard that Kodak no longer cuts sheets?

Also, have you tried the currently available Fuji CA ii that comes packaged in sheets? Do you really think it a suitable alternative to the old expired CA or Kodak Supra that you've hoarded away in your freezer?

But the bigger problem is, as I've already mentioned, the lack of any paper with a spectral response optimized for traditional enlargements. And no, I really don't want to spend days making contrast masks and color masks just for a c-print. Not only is that bat-shit crazy but you still end up with a funky looking, grossly manipulated print.