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Hi all! I'm slowly building up my darkroom and am trying to find an enlarger that will take up to 4x5 negatives. Can anyone suggest places to look in Australia, particularly in SA? I'm on a pretty small budget - is it unrealistic to hope for something that at least works for $200-$400? What models should I be searching for in this price range? Or should I just build my own?
So far I've tried vanbar, local camera stores, ebay, gumtree and the last 2 issues of photographic trader but haven't seen anything at all let alone anything around my budget.
Yep, I've got one for you. It's a Durst CE1000 Laborator B&W enlarger that goes up to 4x5. It's almost new and has been in a wooden crate with straw stuffing for a number of years. I just checked it out and it's still in beautiful condition. I will have to take the crate and contents to a scale to determine the weight for shipping via truck. Unfortunately, the major problem would be the cost of shipping to Australia.