hi Frotog -

Thanks for the info, that does sound like a good deal for someone. Esp. for a nicely maintained machine. I am tempted, even though I already have a 51 (but it needs major cleaning. I got a deal on it , it being dirty but complete with W/D module, but I haven't set it up yet).

I am sadly well aware there is no more cut-sheet endura. I am hoarding about 2000 sheets of it in various sizes, much in a freezer, so haven't had to deal with roll paper yet.

I haven't tried the Fuji CA product yet. Drew Wiley claims it's pretty good though, so that sounded promising. Here's hoping it might be usable somehow. I use an additive head which can sometimes be better(?) than subtractive, in some situations. (narrower color bands).

the spectral response issue bears more investigation it sounds like. Color masks would indeed be a major hassle. Contrast masking I think I could endure if I had to. I really wish Portra endura was still made. That was the best paper for reasonable contrast, I think. Supra was pretty good, but portra was nicer since the contrast was a bit softer.

Maybe with Kodak Alaris owning the paper plant now, we might get cut-sheet endura again, in the right spectral response. Here's hoping...