I started out with Porta 160, for an hour-long exposure. Fine and dandy. Then I got home, and accidentally developed it with BW chemistry and temperature with ISO 400 film (was shooting with 3 different films during the trip, but stored exposed sheets in one box, and got mixed up in the dark notches felt similar). Upon realizing my bumbling mistake, and letting out some expletives, I proceeded to hang the film to dry. The sheet slipped off the clothes pin and landed emulsion-side down on the gritty concrete more expletives were unleashed. Needless to say, the film had way too much density I couldn't even scan it! I went ahead and tried to print through it anyway. After 192 sec. at f/5.6, it finally made it to a 9"x6" print, and here it is:


Has anyone else made a similar fumble before?