It's unique! Sometimes these kinds of mistakes lead to something fun or new.

My story is not as interesting, but I just developed a roll of 135 FP4+ where most of the frames were blown out because the aperture blades on my lens were sticking. Last night on a whim I picked the most dense frame and tried to print it. A 5x7 print, it needed 50s green and 35s blue for a split grade print at f/2.8 -- and it probably could have used a little more high contrast blue exposure. A normal 5x7 print for my setup is around 20s green and 5s blue at f/8 ( my cold light is very blue. ) The result was grainy and not very nice, especially compared to yours, but it was a print. I was just amazed it was even possible to focus the enlarger. Some of the other frames will be out of focus from using hyperfocal and then not getting a small aperture, but I'll try to print a few more.