Was at a church social Sunday evening, wanted to get a shot of a few members manning a couple of cider presses, set everything up and got a meter reading and snapped a 4x5 with the old B&J press. I developed the negs yesterday, and couldn't figure out WTF this shot was. I never shot this at any time, I thought it was unexposed, I had just loaded the holder from a box of Efke PL 100 that I purchased as a partial box for cheap. After shooting half dozen negs, this popped up on me. The ghost images are my exposure on top of the shot of the field. I dont remember who i bought it from, but the original exposure was spot on.
So, if anyone out there recognizes the location, lemme know. Interresting to say the least. Now I'm wondering how many more pre-exposed sheets are in the box.
BTW, the cider was da bomb, fresh pressed local picked apples, also roasted a whole pig, it was delish.