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Well, I was handed one of these to test (the owner hasn't shot it in many a year) so here are my initial impressions:

- Build quality is typical Fuji. Very hefty build, smooth lens movement, very functional
- Lens (40mm on this one) is tack sharp and has great contrast
- The format is lots of fun and give you a lot of negative to play with
- 21 shots out of 36 roll is more than I expected and makes it feel totally justified
- changes your shooting habits and is a lot of fun!

- The tripod mount is waaaaaaay on the corner...what gives? It was all wonky on my tripod
- Cost me $16 for a set of batteries, which died after two days because I left it on in my pack (no auto-off?)
- Printing. Who has a holder for these? And how to frame em? Also, you need a MF printing lens for them (these aren't issues for me, per se, but thought I'd throw that out there)
- More lenses cost quite a lot

Alright, here are some pics from my recent vacation into the Enchantments Wilderness in Central Washington. We got hammered by a storm.

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These are all Neopan 400 in Pyrocat 1:1:100 for 15 minutes.
I noticed that at least two of the photographs looked cloudy. Clean the lens before using again.