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Michael- It's not just slamming the work which bothers me. It's those that present themselves as "experts", yet are unwilling to display their "expertise". If someone wants me to accept their competence, show me. Without visual proof, they come across as academics, rather than image makers. Just a pet peeve of mine...

I don't get the OP's point either. Is anyone surprised creatives have egos? They always have, and always will.
Eddie: I don't think there is anything wrong with being an academic.

And I think that are many people who are remarkably knowledgeable about photography, without being particularly remarkable photographers themselves.

I would suggest that some of them have a lot to contribute to others - both here on APUG, and elsewhere.

I do agree though that some people do seem to come across as "I can do better than you" without ever showing what they actually can do.