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I find that a few minutes out of my busy schedule of shooting really does not make ANY difference.
I missed a shot once by taking the time to talk to someone. At Mission San Juan Bautista, a group of tourists called up to me to say they had found a lenscap and wondered if I lost one. I stepped down from the rise and helped best I could. No, it wasn't mine, but there was another photographer there (I saw him earlier working a 4x5 where I asked him if he could still get film for that.) I directed them back to where I had last seen him. Later I found him shooting a Rollei and we talked... He actually HAD lost a lenscap to an LF lens, but by then the guy who had it was nowhere to be found. For all the helping and talking, I never went back to the scene of the animal drama I was considering... I believe a large cat had found its dinner of a very large bird. I wanted to shoot the bird's feet and feathers with a mission in the background.

I still don't have anything like that in my portfolio.

Sometimes it DOES make a difference if you stop to talk to strangers.

I lost a shot.

But I was friendly to the strangers and the photographer... I hope I never get so aggravated at stranger's behavior that I lash out. But I understand your space was invaded. You were brave to reflect on your behavior here.