hi jcc

i have had similar problems but not the same.
many years ago i used to coat LARGE glass plates with
liquid light and coat the plate with gunk, then reapply liquid light
to various places and print more, you know, like a collage ..
then i would make a contact print of the glass plate .
one day, after recoating my best plate and having it sleep on the edge of my darkroom sink ...
it fell on the floor and shattered to a million pieces.
some were attached to eachother because of the emulsion, some because of the collodion or albumen, or rubber cement
or varnish or urethane or whatever else i painted the pane with ...
i picked a few pieces up, shook my head and said a few choice words to myself ( and outloud )
and then stuck a few shards into the head of my enlarger and began printing them ... it helped me turn the corner ...
i still have some pieces i take out once in a while they are hidden in an old 4x5 film box i have mixed in with my film
so i randomly find it ...

drastic problems lead to new things sometimes ..

i hope you have the same troubles again and next time STEP on the film when its on the concrete

nice photograph btw !