OK, I WILL complete my comments--I WILL ... in no particular order

Judy C -- Oxleyroad -- "Steam" : Pulling it out of the mailbox in the bright sun, it just looked so, metallic, what a neat photo and subject. Reminds me of photos my dad had of engine rooms in freighters from before WWII. Then once inside out of the bright light, I saw the steam--duh--nice subtle touch on the intangible object of steam. Very nice;
Steve Brown -- BoxBrownie -- "Merry-go-round" What an interesting capture of what I think is a pretty old machine. In the US the fence around the would be double-wall and padlocked, there'd be a much larger fence around the entire contraption, and the real give-away--we'd have the mandatory seatbelts! Thanks
Rudiger -- "Baltic Sea" -- Perhaps I'm having a residual drug effect, but I see a nexus of different shapes in the middle at the top of the pilings or stones. First the dominant rounds receding to exactly at the horizon, balanced on either side (almost) by the flat, smooth horizon, and then I'd swear there are/is a V-shape of cloud(s) coming down to a point at the end of the line of pilings. My eyes like to play with the image as a whole, not its parts. And you did all that with a pinhole shot. Hmmm ...
Ozphoto -- "Stonehenge" -- well, thanks. Now I'll never have to go there. And certainly not with a camera. I do truly wish the post office didn't have machinery that drooled all over post cards. Beautiful color, something I don't feel capable of mastering. Thank you.
Darwin -- drpsilver -- "Reflection" This can be interpreted in a number of ways in my twisted mind, but mostly I'm reminded of my own dad who tried to teach photography to a ignorant son who didn't learn what he had until it was gone ... Reflections constantly ...

More tomorrow--hand is cramped half closed.