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The images are just snapshots though - I'm more bummed that I screwed up than about the possible loss of 24 frames.
I seem to goof everytime I go into the darkroom!

Last night I developed five rolls of B&W and some frames have some strange marks on them - could be contamination on the reels from the E6 processing. Lesson learnt.

And talking about E6. I developed it for the first time on the weekend - first six rolls perfect. Then I went to reuse the chemicals for 120 film, and noticed the heater of my Jobo CPP2 not working. Pressed the thermal overload switch and nothing. So I thought to myself "the water bath should remain fairly stable, shouldn't it?". So I filled the bath with hot water and started the next batch with four 120 films. Then I noticed the temp dropping from 38C to 37C. Needless to say the next 20 minutes were most frantic - adding hot water, draining water from the bath, adding chemicals, draining chemicals, all the while seeing the temperature going from 36C to 41C. Finally pulled out the film and it was dark and milky. I walked away and cursed the machine. The next morning I came back and found the film perfect - the dark frames were there because my remote flash hadn't gone off. So to all people thinking of processing E6 at home - do it, if I can so can you!

Then there was the time I put the drum in the Jobo, walked away and didn't notice it sitting there not rotating...