Goaded by my older sister (an active outdoors-person, like her brother), I have been challenged to take up ocean kayaking (Barnet Marine Park is a seven minute drive from my front door). The impetus? Out with some friends this past week, she shot some amazing sea life images, not far from where I live (with a D700 I gave her last year). Paranoia, inexperience and judgement prevent yours truly from shooting with a "naked 35mm." So...do I spring for the cost of a used Nikonos III or IV, or do I look for a protective housing? In case of the latter, I could designate an F2 or F3 body for such use. I really don't see myself taking up diving, so the housing would serve more a protective function (I am something less than totally confident about the dry bag route). In the case of the former, how well do the Nikonos cameras/lenses perform above water? Are there other cost-effective, but secure options to consider?