Hi everybody - I'm Wayne, from the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island.

I've been hooked on photography most of my adult life (I first used a camera in my late teens, and am now 35), and have been fortunate enough to turn my hobby into my profession, and back again!

I am currently an art gallery director for a small community gallery, as well as doing some freelance shooting on the side. My big project at the moment is producing a CD of 100 images for a local business development group. In the evening's I teach Black & White developing and printing to adult educational classes, as well as the ocassional basic 35mm course.

Prior to this I worked as an art director/fashion photographer for NZ's major family clothing retailer (PostiePlus) - and before that, I lectured at University in Art Theory and wrote art criticism for a national paper.

I live with my wife (Joanna), and my two kids - Emily (3) and Joshua (2) who keep me very busy, very tired, and very happy.

I am currently working towards an exhibition with alternative photographic processes (Vandykes and Cyanotypes), which I am very excited about. This is my first foray into these processes, and I am very inspired by the creative potential this has given my image making.

Well, that's me. It reads a bit too much like a resume - sorry, but it's a general overview of my background, so that if (and when) I ever stick my 2 cents worth in, you might at least assume I know what I'm talking about (even if I don't)?

Catch you all later

Wayne Lorimer