All of the Ilford papers yield beautiful blacks, but compared to for example Forte or Agfa the shadows are a little veiled and not as clearly defined. I like the sort of mystery that adds to the prints, and all of the Ilford papers can be coaxed into very deep and rich blacks that give a real anchor to the content.

Some eggs are almost flat matte, and some are almost glossy... The Warmtone semimatte paper is nice if you don't mind a green/brown type of image color with most developers. This can be neutralized with gold toner, sepia toner, Moersch Carbon, or selenium toner. You will get other colors instead, but the green will be gone.
The regular Ilford MGIV matte is a fair bit flatter in surface, but it is my favorite Ilford paper. When I print on it I always assume I'm going to tone it afterward. If I don't I rarely like the results. It isn't until I use either selenium toner on its own, or selenium in combination with Moersch Carbon or sepia/thiourea toner that I feel that this paper gives its best. What happens to the blacks when I do tone it is almost miraculous. It turns from slightly flat to rich and lucious, and with beautiful colors. The highlights really start to pop too. The matte paper is just beautiful when you hold it in your hand, the surface feels great to the touch, and it looks so nice to the eye. Understated perfection and very subtle beauty.