In my current job I wear many hats - programmer, system administrator, database administrator, and probably a couple more I can't think of right now. Plus I'm the network admin at home.
Same here, plus you can add "boss" to that list - at least some days. Day job work ceased to be a defining thing for me years ago. More people on APUG know what my day job is than do local people I know. I almost never discuss anything about my day job with anyone outside the factory, nor do I have much of an idea of what any of my co-workers do in the real world. Don't get me wrong, I can still "get into" a good work project from time to time (writing device drivers is fun) and it is a good place to work, but it has long been the other things I do from which I take most satisfaction and fulfillment. If the local people define me as anything it is as a coach and president of one of the local soccer leagues. And, frankly, that role and photography has opened more doors for me than my day job ever could.