Yes. Before I usually wanted to separate one from the other (ie. didn't want that people knew I did photography). Nowadays I'm opening up and let parts of each "character" overlap.

I am a 18 year old business student.

In the core I feel a traveler, adventurer; curious and loving to stroll around. Transportation media and photography get integrated in here. My father loved to travel and he did, a lot. I think I inherited that character.
Also of this I love to listen and enjoy music and as a private moment. Not hear, LISTEN (unlike many people do nowadays). When I put the music on the stereo, I dislike having anyone around, that's a private moment.
The above is what I feel about my creative side.

At college/university, unlike work; the environment is rather different (friends, classes et al). I enjoy the times with my friends there however in some sense I feel I'm not quite relate to them and there are things that drive me crazy. I happen to be in a quite good university, very demanding... Many of the people are well off and very ambitious.
Add in the stress of studying, essays and exams.

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We spend so much time at work that it does shape us; there's no escaping it.

So, the summary psychological effect is that I'm able to explore both my logical and structured brain, and the intuitive and emotional one.
Really agree, in my summer holidays I happened to do much more family life and adopted a different perspective.
I slowly became shaped as my classmates; but knew I shouldn't and at the end I didn't want. I distanced a bit (in a way of thinking manner).
Quoting one of my friends there: "This is why I study business" (pointing to a luxury car). I am sorry, but I disagree and if that is the end of what I'm currently doing... NO. It's the opposite of what I feel are my values. So I learnt how many people can't position themselves in someone else's situation and how one should be True to him/herself.

And I agree with you Thomas. For me Photography, Travel and Music are my Insanity Asylum. I could take example of you because I am a few steps below of where you are, in a career sense.

Sorry for the rant

A family friend told me once that I can be both a humorous, happy, witty and "loose" person but also serious and professional; She is a phycologist and said this is great. When I feel quite comfortable I let loose the former.