There is no debate. If you want to see glaciers in "Glacier National Park", you better do it soon! If you want to eat our west coast oysters when visiting our Natl Seashore here, you better do it very soon, because they are having a very hard time reproducing due to the rapid pH changes in the ocean. Your own coral reefs are endangered for the very same reason. Never mind the science if you wish, but for those of us who are mainly outdoor photographers, this topic is pretty conspicuous in even a purely travel sense. There is nothing "hyperbole" about our catastrophic forest fires in the West. That kind of thing can turn away a visit to Glacier, Yellowstone, or Yosemite too. It's happened to me, more than once. Or the weather can be abnormally unpredictable in the opposite direction. I've been in blizzards three out of the four last summers. There was nothing "hyperbole" about the dayhiking photographers who froze to death due to naive stereotypes about summer weather, while I was comfortably tucked inside a down sleeping bag in my tent waiting out the storm.